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Home Automation Remote OOK 433 Mhz

Test for decoding my relay switches with the Jeenode OOK transceiver. The Jeenode is responsible to decode the ASK HS1527 code and relay it to the host computer. The next step is to program the relay switches during the learning

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Jeenode Bluetooth test

TankSlappa in the Jeenode forum has suggested that a Jeenode sensor network can be connected to an Android application via SPP profile. This is very viable and useful as the Bluetooth works in the 2.4 GHz and the RFM is

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Converting a Jeenode to a Norduino

If you already have a Jeenode you can use convert it to a Norduino by soldering the nRF24L01+ module to the converter board. The converter board is just re-routing the SPI header to the nRF24L01 module. The converter board is

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