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Norduino Wireless Mouse

This is a very simple implementation of a wireless inertial mouse. The Norduino board is fitted with a GravityPlug and a BlinkPlug from Jeelab: that allows the sampling of the 3D gravity vector as well as 2 button presses. The

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Norduino USB finally is ready!

Yes I managed to prototype and test my adapter boards for the Teensy2 and Teensy2++. Now the chain is complete, I have got Norduino sensor boards and Norduino USB adapter: think about of all the possible applications. First of all

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Norduino Sparkfun Keyfob tutorial 1

This is my very first tutorial about using the Norduino. What I want to show is a simple application which will read the status buttons of the fob and activate 2 LEDS: when I press left the green one will

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Norduino + FreeImu 0.3 from Varesano

This post is to sum up my recent experiments with the FreeImu 0.3 version from Varesano. The FreeImu is interfaced on a Norduino sensor node (left side of the image) via the SDA,SCL,GND and Vcc(3.3V) header connector. The node is

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Norduino is now USB … HID!

I managed to finally interface the Nordic modules via USB. I have two working implementations now: teensy 2++: via the teensy arduino libraries minimus32: via the LUFA libraries This is very useful because now you can interface the NRF24L01 to

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Kits are ready

I have packaged the first “inventory” if we want to be pretentious! It was great fun to put everything together but here’s the final outcome: 2 Mini Dsp Kit 8 Norduino kits: these are without the RF module 2 Converted

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Norduino range test

An interested user on the TI mailing list asked me to do a range test for the norduinos. He was unsatisfied with the EZ430-RF2500T that is well known for having a non optimal radio front end. With the EZ evaluation

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Choosing a norduino usb adapter

Once we have our network of norduinos we need to collect and share the data from a gateway. Typically the gateway will be a wifi router or a plug computer responsible for data visualization, mining or streaming on the internet. The

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Converting a Jeenode to a Norduino

If you already have a Jeenode you can use convert it to a Norduino by soldering the nRF24L01+ module to the converter board. The converter board is just re-routing the SPI header to the nRF24L01 module. The converter board is

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MiniDspNode: MSP430 + Nordic

This wonderful baby is a tiny sensor node based on the MSP430 TI family chip with a lovely Nordic transceiver. The combination of MSP430F2011-NRF24L01+ makes it a perfect candidate for low power sensors or RFID application in indoor or outdoor. MSP430:

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